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Revised: 24 February 2011

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Ahluwalia: Cosmetics Applications of Laser & Light-Based Systems

By Gurpreet Ahluwalia

2009 (1st ed), 500 pages, $245 list

This book is the first to introduce a range of currently used, or under development, laser- and light-based technologies that will provide greater cosmetic benefits to the consumer. It explains the basic physics of light-based technologies, the bio-physical principles behind their mechanism of action, and their applications in many cosmetic procedures. The fundamentals of skin and hair physiology (relevant to the understanding of actions of various cosmetics) are also explained, as are: cosmeceuticals; topical drugs for cosmetic benefits; non-invasive and invasive options available for beauty treatments, and how all this fits in with the emerging light-based technologies.


Fodor: Aesthetic Applications of Intense Pulsed Light   

By Lucian Fodor

2010 (1st ed), 140 pages, $139 list

The goal of the book is to help clinicians, residents, fellows and other medical professionals understand IPL and perform treatments for various cutaneous conditions. The topics covered include the main cosmetic applications of IPL, anatomy, safety, practical issues, patient selection, the various treatment options and potential complications, while each chapter has been designed to assist in the clinical application of IPL and ends with key points that emphasize the most important take-home messages to achieve the best results. It is created to provide in-depth analysis and to reveal the practical approach, making this text the ideal reference and a teaching instrument for both beginner and experienced physician in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Nouri: Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine

By Keyvan Nouri

2011 (1st ed), 560 pages, 300 illus, $239 list

This book has been written to serve as a cornerstone of laser usage in medicine, ultimately leading to better patient care and treatments. It will therefore be of considerable interest to all physicians who use or are interested in using lasers in their practice from dermatologists and plastic surgeons to ophthalmologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists and others.


Raulin: Laser and IPL Technology in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

By Christian Raulin

2010 (1st ed), 250 pages, 300 illus, $199 list

In this innovative textbook, renowned experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia present the most up-to-date information in the field of cutaneous laser surgery and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Technical and biophysical aspects of lasers and IPL devices are first discussed in depth. A series of richly illustrated chapters then carefully examine the numerous and diverse clinical applications of these techniques, highlighting both their potential and their limitations, including side-effects. In the concluding section, important miscellaneous topics are addressed, including cooling techniques, ethical and economic considerations, and laser safety. This book will be of benefit to novice and experienced practitioners alike. In addition to providing expert guidance on the use of lasers and IPL devices in more than 80 clinical indications, it examines the role of new techniques and includes sufficient information to assist the reader considering the purchase of laser or IPL equipment.


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